Embassy of India
Address Athireege Aage Ameeru Ahmed Magu, Henveiru Malé, Maldives 20125
Working Hours
Tel (960) 3323015/16
Fax (960) 3324778
Email HC:hc@hicomindia.com.mv
Website http://mea.gov.in
Embassy of Maldives
Address High Commission of Maldives, B-2 Anand Niketan, New Delhi-110021
Working Hours Monday To Friday: 9.00 A.M. to 1.00P.M. 2.00 P.M. to 4.00 P.M.
Tel 91-11-4143 5701-08
Fax 91-11-4143 5709
Email admn@maldiveshighcom.co.in
Website http://www.maldiveshighcom.in